The Wendy Theory – This Finally Explains The Shining!

The Wendy Theory – This Finally Explains The Shining! We have finally figured out what Stanley Kubrick was cryptically trying to show us with his vision of The Shining. The Wendy Theory is the best and simplest explanation that has ever been put forth. Please enjoy this theory as well as the second parts to […]


Just an important reminder about how unreliable video is. Shout out to Rambo who uploaded most of these clips to Twitter. Absolutely amazing vid from our friend zyntrax demonstrating how you truly cannot trust a single thing you see that comes off of a screen. How much of what we consider to be reality […]

Truth in Movies! – The Matrix JayDreamerZ

Truth in Movies! – The Matrix Commentary on the esoteric symbolism in the movie The Matrix. Aloha! Thanks for visiting my channel! Journey with me as we search for the truth, balancing reason & creativity! Let your imagination roam free as we ponder the implications of reality, much more wonderfilled and magical than we ever […]

The Wizard Of Oz Goes Back To The Future Decoded

Please watch the video all the way through before coming to a conclusion regarding this content. Do your own research. Don’t just take this as the final say. I’m sharing it so you can look into it. Thank You Shaking My Head Productions

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