No More Sidelines

Very soon there will be no more ‘sidelines’ in the political, cultural and spiritual battle being waged. If it’s not already at your doorstep, it will be, shortly.

Consider how culture has shifted over the recent decades, and picture the pace of this change continuing over the coming decades. Now picture your children growing up in this environment. Paralyzed with guilt and shame, not allowed to meaningfully disagree or speak their minds… roundly despised in a nation their fathers built. Taught to devote their lives to the pursuit of money by a ruling class of small men utterly devoid of spirit.

This is the future the foremost power brokers seek to create. These are parasitic personalities, men who’ve hijacked the products of truly lofty minds like that of Tesla only to misuse their creative energy to their own corrupt ends.

As their power begins to wane, they’ve chosen to double down, dragging nearly half of our nation into their twilight zone reality of illusion and indoctrination, and setting the stage for something akin to civil war, whether we like it or not.

There’s still time to reach those who have ears to hear, before that chasm between the factions grows to the extent that we can’t hear one another anymore, and the inevitable occurs.

Changing hearts and minds now may very well save lives in the future… and hasten our untangling of this Gordian knot. Our restoring order and justice, creating systems and structures that are in accordance with our nature and time-tested, that reward merit over ambitious parasitism, honesty and genuineness over shrewdness and deceit.

We live in unprecedented times.
Let’s rise to the challenge

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