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Masaru Emoto – Water Experiments

Masaru Emoto – Water Experiments “The words themselves actually emit a unique vibration that the water is sensing. When water is shown a written word, it receives it as vibration, and expresses the message in a specific form, like a visual code for expressing words. Water exposed to the words,” Thank you” formed beautiful geometric […]

Was Three Mile Island a movie script? – Galen Winsor

Galen Winsor makes a startling statement; he claims that the Three Mile Island event was no accident. He states that the GE three of Gregory C. Minor, Richard B. Hubbard, and Dale G. Bridenbaugh wrote the script. This would sound incredibly far fetched without the almost impossibly coincidental timing of “The China Syndrome” still playing […]

Sodium Reactor Experiment

1958 Atomic Energy Commission documentary of the building of the Sodium Reactor Experiment in southern California

What you need to know about CRISPR | Ellen Jorgensen

Should we bring back the wooly mammoth? Or edit a human embryo? Or wipe out an entire species that we consider harmful? The genome-editing technology CRISPR has made extraordinary questions like these legitimate — but how does it work? Scientist and community lab advocate Ellen Jorgensen is on a mission to explain the myths and […]

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